Urban Voices Project

Bringing the healing power of music directly to individuals marginalized by homelessness, mental health issues, and unemployment in the Greater Los Angeles area.

Urban Voices Project creates supportive community spaces with music to bridge vulnerable individuals to a sense of purpose and improved health. UVP engages men, women and families across the greater Los Angeles area with music workshops in partnership with social, civic and healthcare organizations.
Their outreach ensemble performances shift the narrative and perception of homelessness in today’s society.

An idea worth spreading…

To place music & singing community spaces in every medical and social service site across Los Angeles, to create community and a more comprehensive, holistic system for engaging individuals coping with the conditions of homelessness.

Why Singing?


Singing requires controlled breathing that regulates the heart rate, triggers a relaxation response and brings the system to a homeostasis that generates feelings of well-being. Vocalizing improves posture, releases muscle tension and reinforces a mind/body connection.


Singing demands focused concentration, improves mood, invites exploration and self-expression of difficult emotions and gradually builds self-esteem.


Singing eases isolation and loneliness, quickly builds bonding in groups, encourages and supports positive social interactions, and ultimately combats the disintegration of communities and improves broader social networks.