The Coyote Bandits

Making a difference never sounded so good!

The Coyote Bandits started at La Sierra University in Riverside, California in 2010. Their unique blend of Americana mixes folk, indie, gospel, blues, and bluegrass in search of what it means to be people imagining a better world.

The group of six has been writing and performing together for over two years and has released three albums, mixing stories of old western gunmen and salty sailors with familiar hymns and themes of growing up in search for God, integrity, and kind women. Their music is available on iTunes and Spotify and has been played on Coyote Radio. They’ve been featured in The Press-Enterprise, Pacific Union Recorder, and on Loma Linda Broadcasting Network.

As well as performing at various venues up and down the West Coast, the band has put a big emphasis on using music as a tool for social change. They believe that unified people will solve the problems of the world and that one of the best ways to bring people together is through music. The band has raised money to send aide to Sendai, Japan, after the tsunami, and worked with REVO La Sierra to benefit the work of International Justice Mission to combat human trafficking. Most recently, they took a summer long tour to benefit Canvasback Missions in its work to bring medical care to the often overlooked islands of the Pacific. Playing over 50 shows, traveling over 4,400 miles, and performing in 4 states, the band raised over $63,000 for the mission.

The current lineup includes Christian Liang and Sterling Spence singing lead vocals and playing guitar/banjo/mandolin, Jaylene Chung on keyboards/fiddle/mandolin, Scott Wilson on a mean blues guitar, Doug Stowers on bass guitar, and Michael Aguirre on percussion.

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