Tasia Valenza

Emmy Winning Voiceover Artist and Emmy-Nominated Actress Tasia Valenza has been one of the Top Female Voiceover Artists in the Country for over 25 Years.

Her voice demonstrates a range of versatility that has been described as seductive, alluring and enticing as well as bright, cheery and animated.
With a knack for accents and emotional appeal, Tasia’s voice leaves audiences spellbound and gives words a life of their own.
About Tasia

Tasia recently won an Emmy Award for her voiceover work on the PSA campaign for The Wild Animal Sanctuary. Her passion and her platform is “Giving Great Voice” and she is known for her range and versatility. In addition to voicing commercials, narration, promos, imaging and more, Tasia is best known for voicing some of the most iconic female characters in video games and animated television shows, such as seductress Poison Ivy in the Batman:Arkham Series, Jedi ShaakTi in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Sniper Wolf in the fan favorite Metal Gear Solid games, Ultimecia in the Dissidia Final Fantasy series, as well as many other acclaimed credits. She’s excited to have just joined the cast of Star Wars Resistance.

Voice Acting Iconic Roles

Other notable roles for Tasia include in video games and animated television shows such as Poison Ivy in Lego DC Super-Villains and Injustice2, and Kalyio Djannis in Star Wars:The Old Republic. Well-received videogames from the World of Warcraft series to Leo’s Fortune have also featured her voice. Most recently her voice is featured as The Shenzhou computer of Star Trek: Discovery.

Tasia's Voiceover Sizzle Reel

Emmy Award-Winning PSA

Owner of Giving Great Voice

Tasia recently combined her love of her work and passion for wanting to help and inspire others to establish Giving Great Voice, a fun, interactive coaching platform that instills confidence in both actors and non-actors. Her presentation empowers communication skills and motivates students to find and use their own unique voices.

Giving Great Voice Back

In the spirit of a true Jedi, Tasia also believes in the benefits of meditation. In the spirit of giving back, she has co-created and voiced the free Haven Affirmation Mediation app, available free of charge in the App Store and Google Play. The app hosts ten-minute guided meditation exercises to help bring mindfulness and relaxation to listeners. Tasia has also lent her voice to various charities, supporting We Are The Mighty, SOS Children’s Villages, The Wildlife Sanctuary and more.