Ryan Berk

Ryan Berk has worked most of his life in the food industry. He started in a Thai restaurant in his local town of Redlands at the age of 14 and would travel somewhere around the world once a year. This is where he gained a large respect for culture. Ryan graduated from Grove, a Montessori based High School, in 2003 and later attended Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Hollywood. He worked his way up to become a Chef at one of Southern California’s casino’s where he learned how to run a kitchen and manage a large staff.

Ryan’s love of food and culture led him and his wife to open à la minute, a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop, in 2012. à la minute focuses on using local ingredients and knowing how and where these ingredients are grown and produced. The love and support of the local community has enabled him to expand and he now has shops in Redlands, Orange and Claremont. Ryan’s interest in knowing where his food comes from led him to open Parliament Chocolate, a bean to bar chocolate factory. Ryan visits Central America almost quarterly to meet farmers and learn of their cacao growing practices.

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