Marjorie Abalos

Marjorie Abalos, CEO and Founder of CLODS Inc., a New York City based mission-driven social enterprise that generates measurable social impact by improving healthcare region by region. The CLODS System she created is a regional health information exchange platform that has an integrated suite of network-enabled e-health services that can improve the delivery of healthcare services more efficiently and cost-effectively to millions of people in underserved communities throughout the world.

 Marjorie is also Board Chair and Founder of Out4Good Ltd., a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that mentors, pairs, and helps improve the policy and decision-making processes of decision makers in their efforts to create a “peaceful” balance between the “rule of law” and “human rights.”  She has held senior management positions and played key roles at software and renewable energy firms both for Global 500 companies and startups, as well as, a life-long history of being engaged in public service and social justice projects. She has traveled to more than 50 countries and has led engagements developing process improvement plans which have empowered millions of disenfranchised, underserviced, and marginalized people throughout the world transform into the Information Age.

Under her leadership, Marjorie was instrumental in the deployment of the first ATM networks in Vietnam and in addressing public and industrial environmental remediation issues in China. More than 20 years ago, Marjorie began her career working in various web and software development capacities for several Internet startups in web hosting, media, telecommunications, and marketing industries.

Previously Marjorie was Co-Chair of The Committee for World Peace (TCWP) which in 2013 became Out4Good in order to more accurately address TCWP’s expanding role in its global “Think Positive Initiatives.” TCWP focused its efforts by assisting causes and organizations such as the United Nations in their promotion of World Peace. In 2006, at a 60th anniversary of the United Nations event at the UN headquarters in New York, Marjorie presented, on behalf of the United States, a commissioned-for-the-event oil painting by the world famous Brazilian artist Ferjo, delivered a personal-mantra “Believe in Infinite Possibilities” speech, and debuted her book Observations from Afar depicting her photographs of indigenous people from more than 30 countries.

While earning her degree in biomedical/biochemical engineering from the University of Southern California, Marjorie worked on various groundbreaking projects utilizing new at the time biomedical imaging techniques. Marjorie worked on a functional MRI (fMRI) project involving studies of the human brain under the mentorship of Dr. Manbir Singh, a global pioneer in biomedical imaging technology who conducted the first studies in single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). Mr. Singh was founder and director of the Neuroimaging core at USC, which develops new methodology in fMRI and DTI. With Dr. Singh’s recommendation, Marjorie participated in a project for Dr. Adrian Raine, the internationally recognized expert on the neurobiological and biosocial causes of antisocial and violent behavior in children and adults. With such mentoring, Marjorie was able to participate in, and contribute to, a project that sought to detect the predisposition for criminal behavior in children.

Some of Marjorie’s public service engagements have been with projects such as the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, the international co-ed service fraternity Alpha Phi Omega where she served as president of her chapter at the University of Southern California, Amnesty International, as well as volunteering at hospitals, convalescent centers, and schools.

Ms. Abalos with fellow CLODS team members at a hospital in West Africa
Ms. Abalos at the Truman Presidential Library, Independence, Missouri with Kofi Annan for his farewell address after 10 years as Secretary General of the United Nations in December 2006
Ms. Abalos presenting copy of her book Observations from Afar to a Chinese leader at Hailuogou Glacier, China during an infrastructure planning meeting in 2007.
Ms. Abalos unveiling the United States' gift to the United Nations on its 60th anniversary at the UN in June 2006