Klarissa Bietz

Klarissa Bietz is a Senior Management and Marketing double major graduating this June from La Sierra University. She believes in using fashion as a way to empower all people using green and ethical sourcing, fair labor practices, and inclusive model casting. She founded a website, The Modish Iconoclast, as a way of working towards these objectives and often features driven, passionate women who are pursuing an education or who have started their own businesses.

Klarissa is the Vice-President of Marketing for La Sierra’s Enactus team. She enjoys documenting and promoting the team’s sense of collaboration and perseverance with one of the many cameras you can find her carrying at any given time. In addition, Klarissa is the current President of REVO, an organization that throws charity events to raise money for different causes each year. The finale fashion show each spring aims to use music, art, and talented designers to promote a sense of community and healing on the local and international levels.