2016 Speakers

Much of the TEDxLaSierraUniversity experience is built upon identifying a great set of speakers and talks. To build a powerful speaker program, we seek out extraordinary voices in our local and global community who have a unique story or an unusual perspective — and who can convey it in a dynamic way. As recommended by the TEDx community, we aim to feature.

  • Local voices that few have heard before
  • People who can present their field in a new light
  • Perspectives that the global TED community may not have access to
  • Diverse demographics, ethnicities, backgrounds, subject matter

Our first ever TEDxLaSierraUniversity event in 2014 was one to remember, packed with an incredible lineup of speakers including students, artists, musicians, CEOs, non-profit leaders, authors, economists, and more! We are looking forward to another inspiring set of talks this May.

TEDx La Sierra University

Past speakers have included: